Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Another Note.

I've been slacking I know, but listen, because this is what its all about. Little history lesson for y'all.  A History lesson for fun. 

Aristocrats in the nineteenth century railed on the fact that entertainment's eventful effect would overturn all morality, to poison the springs of domestic happiness, to dissolve the ties of our social order, and to involve our country in ruin. Their disdain for anything designed primarily "For Fun" was not something much esteemed by intellectuals. The Dutch Philosopher Johan Huizinga, in his epochal book Homo Ludens - a study of the Play Element in culture, discovered that the word FUN was of recent origin and that no other language had an exact equivalent to the english meaning, leading him to speculate that FUN was neither readily understood nor fully accepted until the twentieth century. 

With that, think about what it is that you do, and why you started to do what you do. Although the Aristocrats were correct, look how far we've come as a culture. Where would we be without fun...? A bunch of intellects? Doubt it. 


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